*In Fela's voice* I want to tell you a story......seriously I do.

Thursday, 26 September 2013


I sat frozen in my chair. I was breathless and cold and hot all at the same time. Shina and his friend, a rather youngish looking lady sat right across from me and my friends at the pool bar.  His cursory look and casual greeting when they’d encountered us was like an icicle spear piercing my heart and spreading cold.

Four hours ago he had kissed me good morning and bye. We’d had a date for later in the day. I’d also noticed that the young lady was wearing an engagement ring which she had been intent on letting us see.

Tricia and Anwuli were all kinds of hot and bothered but we were unanimous in our opinions that it was a bad idea to make a scene. Shina’s demeanor spoke volumes and my friends and I heard it loud and clear. He’d paused to say hello to us at our table as they casually strolled by, his hands place proprietorially on the small of her back.

Anwuli thought we should leave. Tricia and I felt differently. Our lives are very busy so finding time to hang out together is always a treat and important to us. Needless to say as far as I was concerned, my day was ruined.

In shame and anger, I sat with my friends and ordered drinks while we struggled to recapture the feelings of before Shina passed by. It was an effort not to look their way so I mostly stared at the pool. I didn't see anything though, I was all a blur. I remember thinking “Men, can’t live with them, can’t live without them” and that was when it happened.

A pair of perfectly sculpted thighs appeared in front of me followed immediately by a blue swimming trunk covered bulge; a very impressive bulge. From the looks he was getting from the female folk, I wasn't the only one who thought so.

“Hi, my name is Osa……” The rest of whatever he said was lost as I drank him in. The man was perfect. My friends were gushing and giving me encouraging looks. Apparently he’d asked me I f he could join our table. I nodded. Everything else was a blur but after two hours of the sudden turnaround of my day, I was giddy with relief at the instant distraction from the pain.  We exchanged numbers and he asked me out for drinks later that night. I agreed and he left. My friends were so relieved that I didn’t get the time to mourn Shina. I was truly excited, I thought to myself, ‘’tomorrow I will think of Shina, tonight I’ll be alive”.

He looked really impressed to see me later on that day. I had really pulled out all the stops. The red lace mini dress against my fair skin looked stunning. When I got into the car he just sat looking at me with eyes clouded with desire. ‘’I want you’’. His eyes burned into me. My day had been strange; his bulge caused warm wetness to form at my south park.  I’d live and think tomorrow. So while my head said ‘’slut, this is your first date for Pete’s sake, who does that?’’ My mouth said ‘’so what are you going to do about it?’’ I noticed how beautiful his mouth was as he spoke; ‘’Wanna find out back at the hotel’’. I nodded coyly. His eyes swept over me slowly with a satisfied curve to his lips, we drove off.  We chatted easily as we drove back to where we had met earlier in the day. We got strange looks as we walked to the elevator and his room. The staff seemed familiar with him.

He brought out a bottle of champagne from an ice bucket; he’d apparently expected me back there”. We chatted and laughed as we polished off the bottle of champagne. I don’t drink usually so that was a lot for me. It was like a movie that I watched him bring out paraphernalia and begin cutting lines of coke on the coffee table.

‘’Hian, cocaine’’.  I thought. He turned to me with that sexy curve of his lips, ‘’Ever tried coke?’’ I shook my head. He bent and snorted a line. 

‘’Would you like to try it’’ 

‘’Live Anino ‘’ the voice inside my head ordered and I nodded. He showed me what to do and snorted a line. He gently pushed my head back down and I quickly snorted the second. As the powder flew into my brain and blood stream, I heard a knock on the door. He didn't hesitate as he jumped up and opened the door. A buxom beauty with very short hair walked in. she smiled at me and sat. Osa introduced her as Ineh. Ineh quickly joined the party. She sniffed three lines straight up and immediately took off her shirt. Her breasts were beautiful, encased in a sheer black bra. She kept smiling at me. Osa sat next to me and turned my head slowly to him, I could see Ineh watching as he bent and kissed me. It was all so erotic.

Deep in my mind I understood even before my conscious mind did, that I was about to have a ménage et trios with two complete strangers. What if they killed me afterwards? The thought excited me even more. Then I felt warm flesh against my cheeks. I broke off the kiss and turned smack into huge bouncing breasts.

I struggle not to dwell on the events of the next three hours. I will say though that it was the dirtiest most intensely pleasurable experience of my entire life.

Three hours later, spent, we all just lay on the floor slurping energy drinks. I look over at the buxom exotic creature beside me. ‘’Who are you?’’ Osa nibbled at my inner thigh as he spoke so my first thought was I heard wrong. ‘’My wife’’ he repeated at my request. 

I’d just been used for the sexual games of a deviant couple.

These are the events of the last 72 hours; the reason why I am here alone with a quarter of a bottle of absinthe gone. Who will I tell? Not a soul. If you want your secret safe, keep it to yourself. 
I pick up my phone and log into twitter. I tweet, ‘’fuck tradition, I’m drinking absinthe neat and wallowing in its bitterness. It mirrors my feeling at the moment’’.

The End

Thursday, 12 September 2013


At the bottom of the pit of misery,
regrets and wishes mingle to create the stifling aura
of defeat and hopelessness….and desperation.

Her heart beats in anticipation as the front door opens and he strides into the house after a long day at work. She looks round the set table with a smile and walks out to welcome her husband. Every fibre of her being is alive…..charged….from the tiny hairs on her body to rapidly pumping blood. She catches a glimpse of her reflection through the console mirror, her eyes are feverish. She looks good in her mesh maxi ; she is naked under the black mesh.  He will be pleased.
He is taking off his jacket as they meet in the living room. His eyes immediately begin to burn as he takes her in with his eyes. He doesn’t respond to her greeting as he grabs her roughly and begins to kiss and fondle her. His smell is a mixture of perfume, cigarettes and sweat. She is turned on. As suddenly as he had begun, he stops. He looks at her in surprise.
“I’m hungry.”