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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Magic Street (Ajé)

Guess who's backkk!
I've really missed you guys. I haven't felt much like writing since my mum passed on except for work. I love this space though and I really missed "hanging out" with you guys .
Anyway I read a story a few days ago that I really liked and it also fits right in here, so I thought to share.
Written by the amazing Buki Bassey, Buki is a stern faced clown who is the Chief Editor at Bloom Media Services. When she's not editing, she's on twitter drinking Coke and making mouth as @proofreadership.

I know you guys will love this as much as I do.

Rio 😘😘

On a hot and humid September evening, Ajoke decided to go buy oranges at the junction to her house; it was just five houses away. She got there and saw that the orange seller, an old, withered woman, was busy washing some unpeeled oranges.
“Welcome my daughter, please pick your choice, they are all sweet oranges” she intoned smiling her encouragement.
“This woman sha, she always knows how to escape holding the nylon for me” Ajoke grumbled within herself as she went closer to the tray and started to choose.
She looked through the tray till she got to the bottom, she prides herself on knowing how to pick succulent oranges and pick she did. Until she saw a pebble in the tray, it was in no way special, just a brown pebble that probably some little boy had thrown and it landed inside the orange tray.
"I like its smoothness” she mused to herself as she took it and put it in her shopping bag, turning away as two more customers vied for the old woman's attention.