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Monday, 27 May 2013


Hey y'all....It's been a minute. I missed you guys. I guess most of you know I've been away because I went off to shoot a short film for a new TV channel. Well I'm all done and back.  Even though I've been at this movie making business for eight years, I still consider myself a newbie and as such, still excited about every job I do. It was a crazzzzzy time! Favor galore and so much more.

I'm also still very much excited about my blog and having 'alone time' with you guys. I don't have a story for you today, I just want to let you know that I'm still your girl and to share a little of my shoot wit you. I'm getting ready for my next movie but hopefully I should be able to drop a story or two before I go on set.


(I can't let out more for now, forgive me ;-) )

A group of young urbanites are spending the holidays at a remote beach house. One of them winds up dead.


Here's a teaser.

(Look out for the official one too.....)

 Here are some still pictures.

 My wonderful cast
 The beach house
 Writer/producer and assistant director (yeah that's me) with the beautiful bootilicious Uche.

Oh and lest I forget,
Yeah, my foot after the shoot. Yuk huh? Mosquitoes show me pepper.

Well there you have it, a bit of my experience while shooting.  These are only some of the stills will upload more soon. Here's the full cast list.

Yemi Blaq
Uru Eke
Linda Ejiofor
Mofe Duncan
Zainab Sheriff
KC Ejelonu
Olalekan Bakare
Tunji Aderibigbe
Joy Elumelu
Emem Udonquak
James Egbuson
Bryan Okwara

See you soon with the usual story.



  1. Nice nice nice. Didn't know you were a *shooter* :) Weldone darl. Me I want to act feem o. Awww your leg. Mosquito really dealt with you. Next time, apply some repellant. You don't wanna be ill o. Keep up the good work!

  2. Remssssss!!!! please take malaria medicine, love you lots and big ups!!!!

  3. Remmmsssss!!!big ups girl!!! pls take Malaria medicine oh!!!

  4. Heyyyyy!!! Really nice to catch up. Well done, babes. This looks super exciting already. Keep us posted, please.

    P.S. I love this style of writing too! Nice, breeze comes to mind. Keep rocking!

  5. wow! this is fantastic, looking forward to the series.

  6. Yeahhhhh, I was there... u are such an awesome person, I can learn a thing or two from u, happy to met u babes. Even my grama don dae improve dis days.

  7. Yeah, I was there.... u are such an awesome person baby, happy to met u... even my grama don dae improve dis days.

  8. Can't wait to see this Flick...as long as its got Uru Eke and Yemi Blaq in it,then it's gonna be a Hit! Nice work...pls do take some medication and as Dr Salt said: Next time, apply some repellant. You don't wanna be ill o!

  9. Wow sweetie, so so so proud of you and can't wait to see the full movie. From the little teaser, it is going to be an interesting movie to watch.

    Sorry about those yeye mosquito...........hahahhahahah

    love u loads!

  10. Looks interesting! Can't wait to see it. Lol mosquitoes melu gi alu hehe... goodluck with the movie :)

  11. I was there too!!! Enjoyed myself the whole time. 31st...wonderful story

  12. I can't wait to watch this babe, nice cast too, with linda ejiofor in it, well done RIO

  13. This is beyond words. I'm very inspired to see you following your dreams like this.

  14. oh and re: mosquitoes...the ones at glover court suya did me in just like that. I had scars for months as a result. I don't go anywhere without repellant now!


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